Monday, 25 May 2015

'Dear Diary': Dealing with a family member being ill

You hear those dreaded words 'I've got Cancer' and your heart breaks into a billion pieces. One of your closest family members, the best person in the world, the one that's been there like a dad when your dad never really bothered.

On Tuesday 28th April 2015, we found out that my Grandad had cancer. My nanna broke down on the phone and I felt helpless. There's nothing any of us can do to make him better, than to try and stay positive. Then on Friday 15th May, we found out it was incurable. Luckily, (in a way) because he is old, Cancer develops slower in older people. It's just hard knowing that someone so special to you is dealing with something so, so big and because he is such a strong person, won't tell anyone how he feels. Our family has got through so much in the past few years and that's not going to stop us now. Cancer is a horrible, soul destroying disease. And so many people fight and win but sadly some fight and lose. Stop cancer today and donate. It can really help someone live.

Cancer Research


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Chatting about Tanning products

As the days are getting warmer (well should be!) Everyone wants to look tanned! Maybe you're going on holiday, or staying in sunny England, or maybe you don't tan and you just burn like a lobster. As you can probably see from one of the pictures, I have two of the 'St Tropez One hour express tan' and the 'Garnier Summer Body', This is because one I love them and two, I have to share with either my best friend or my mother. 

Having tanned skin doesn't make you just look good, It makes you feel good too!

In the past I have used many different tans. From spray tans to at home tanning lotions/mousses/creams. I have had many St Tropez and Sienna X spray tans in the past and have really liked them. When I used to be in school shows, I used to have about two to three coats of it! For me, tanning takes time. I want it to look right, and not rubbish. Nobody wants streaks. I try to shave and exfoliate a few days before and then exfoliate a day before tanning. I try to moisterise each day too to get a smooth finish. I apply my tan with a tanning mitt and I also have a buffing mitt from 'St Tropez' which is really handy.

'Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter', is an inexpensive tanning mousse which you can get from Primark or Superdrug which is really handy. This tan goes on nicely, you get a lovely olive tanned look but the only thing I would say about it is, Even the smallest amount of water that hits you.. You will streak. But great if you want to wear it for a night out and wash off the next day.

'Garnier Summer Body tanning lotion.' Again very inexpensive. Good for paler skin tones and good if you want just a natural looking tan. Smells lovely too. I don't get to use this as much as I would like though, as my mum pinches it all and I like a little bit more of a darker tan.  (Exfoliate and moisterise beforehand though as can come a little patchy)

'Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan for face and body'. This is a medium matte formula, which is great so that you don't look too shiny or glittery. A lovely finish, especially if it's just for a night out you can easily wash this off, like the Cocoa brown tan. 

And last but not least, My Fav, 'St Tropez One  hour express tanning mousse'. The most expensive out of all the other tans. You can build this tan up depending on how dark you want to go and can easily wash off if needed. A lovely scent to it too which you don't really expect from a tan. I have also tried out some of the other St Tropez products from when I did a training day with my college and I have to say this was my favourite out of all of them. You can leave the house as soon as you have applied it if you wish and you don't look like a stupid looking orange and isn't sticky at all. 

I really want to try the 'Bondi Sands' and 'Xen Tan' tanning products. Has anyone tried them? What is your favourite tan?


Friday, 22 May 2015

Channing Tatum on a friday night.. yes please!

It's Friday night, time to get your feet up, lights off, candles on, snacks at the ready...

Today's film review is about the 2012 film  'The Vow.' A bit of a sad film with a lovely happy ending. I'm not going to give too much away just in case you haven't watched it already but here is a brief little summary. Channing Tatum *swoon* and Rachel McAdams star in the film which is based on a true story. Starting with a car crash, Paige (Rachel) suffers from a brain injury and only remembers certain things from her past and forgets her present life, husband, friends etc. So Leo (Channing), fights for Paige to remember their life together. I must admit I did get a few tears in my eyes at certain parts and maybe this isn't the best of films if you want to watch something uplifting and funny, this is a typical cry your heart out romance film. 

OH, and you do get to see Channing Tatum's half naked body. (heart eyes emoji!!) 

Have you ever watched this film? What are your thoughts? 


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Holistic approach to life

Everyone wants to be happy. And for a long time I feel that I have not. That's probably another reason why I'm boring you with depressing posts. Life doesn't seem like it's that great right now. And one thing that has been gradually helping me, is by having more of an holistic approach to life.

 I started a new job in January and was getting really anxious and stressed, My new colleagues said how they wear crystals around their neck everyday to help them with some of their problems, (Anxiety or Hormones etc.) I was quite skeptical about buying crystals like 'Nah I don't believe in all that' but after researching a little bit I decided I would buy some. I also got told to buy Sage incense burners to cleanse the house and the crystals from negative energy, because boy there was a lot of that! I also tried out Yoga. Saturday morning, I wake up early excited for my yoga class. Sometimes I have to force myself out of bed because I am lazy but once i'm there, I love it. It really makes you think about your breathing and the movements your body is making. Its making me strong!

I've been reading. I've had 'The happiness project' by Gretchin Rubin for a few years now and still read it every now and again. I noticed on Instagram that she was doing a book tour for her new book 'Mastering the habits of our everyday lives', I knew I had to buy it. I need to get out of my bad habits ASAP! (Once I've read it all, expect a full review!) And also I purchased 'Calm' by Michael Acton Smith. Reading really makes you feel calm, (so calm that normally I fall asleep.) Everyone is obsessed with phones and computers and technology that now a days, books are not being as acknowledged as they used to be. Would you like to see more book reviews?

Although my diet isn't the best out there, I do try and eat quite healthily. I have been drinking lots more water, eating lots more fruit and vegetables and going to the gym at least two to three times a week. I know i'm not back to my happy, wacky self just yet but I'm getting there. Slowly. 

What makes you happy? Do you practice an Holistic approach in every day life?


Monday, 18 May 2015

Dear Diary: Anxiety

I have decided to start a new segment to my blog called 'Dear Diary'. Here I will be talking about lots of different issues and problems that I go through or  subjects I think should be spoken about more. 

For Example, Anxiety. Lots of people have started to 'come out' and admit that they suffer with anxiety. Many people don't know much about it and don't seem to understand what people are going through. I have suffered with anxiety probably since High school and I didn't even know about it. I thought it was 'normal' to feel my heart  beating out of my chest. Panicking when losing something or getting to the train station two hours before the train is meant to leave because you're so scared that something is going to go wrong. I really do feel that by social media sites and especially YouTube, A lot of people have opened up and made people understand about it. I'm not on my own! I started to realise over the years what Anxiety actually was. I went to the Doctors many, many times. Tried lots of different things and it just seemed to be getting worse and worse. Now, I am nearly 21 years old and slowly starting to feel that Anxiety is taking over my life. I am so scared to leave the house. I don't want to do anything out of my comfort zone. I don't want to interact with anyone. And that basically makes me feel even more anxious and slightly depressed. 

I have started to try things that I don't normally do. I've started a new job. Boy that was scary after previously working at my old job for nearly four years and there I was leaving to try and start a career. I started going to Yoga. It's great! After me and my boyfriend have broke up, I have been spending a lot more time with friends. Exercising more, eating healthier, reading. It's hard dealing with anxiety, really hard. But I have to fight it and if you suffer too, so do you!

Do you suffer with Anxiety? How do you deal with it?


Friday, 15 May 2015

casual, comfy outfit ideas

My best friend Chloe wanted to show off her comfy, casual outfit from our Sunday walk. Normally we wear our gym gear when going for  strenuous walk/hikes but this day we just wanted to take it easy so just wore comfy clothes. 

Shoes: Converse
Leggings: New Look
Top: New Look


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

keep calm and keep walking

Every Sunday, My friend and I have started to go on long walks. We have decided that hopefully in the next month we will challenge ourselves to walk up Mount Snowdon, and we also have a 10k run to do in June. So every bit of walking counts! As you probably already know from past posts, I love walking. I could walk for miles and miles, taking in the fresh air, feeling calm and forgetting about all the stresses in your life. Last Sunday, we went to Foxton Locks and then along the canalside. The area is very pretty and very peaceful. And there's also plenty of places to get an ice cream or sit down at the pub! 

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