Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dear diary: dealing with heartbreak

Hearing the words 'I don't love you anymore' is one of the hardest things anyone can say or deal with. You feel numb, sick, don't want to do anything but cry and lie in bed day after day eating crap. No matter how long you are together with someone, it still hurts. I never thought someone could of loved me as much as he did, as I had been screwed over so much in the past. It was scary being in a relationship. I wasn't used to all this love and kindness going around but  it was a  nice change. And now, it's all gone again. I'm on my own. Unhappy again. You feel like you can't go anywhere or do anything because it just reminds you of them.We used to do so much together, adventures, meals, shopping and it was great.  I've never knew what I truly wanted in life, and I guess that was something to do with being anxious a lot of the time. Anxiety has made me a mess, I feel anxious daily, I don't want to get out of routines and comfort zones, and me being this unhappy, had a strain on our relationship. I was always hot and cold. You realise what you had when it's gone. I made him not love me anymore, and that's the hardest thing to deal with.

This situation has made me think a lot. I need to focus on myself. Make something of myself. Work on my happiness and confidence. Work hard. Do things I wouldn't normally do, be grateful for what I have, stop making bad decisions.And to Love myself to be able to love again. Heart break is one of the hardest things people have to go through, You constantly feel numb and think 'no one's going to compare to ____' ,but life does move on, I just have to remember that.

So now is the time to get out of bed and get my act together! (It's 2pm after all!!)

Well said Elizabeth Taylor! source

Monday, 20 April 2015

Unwinding and appreciating life.

I love going on walks, especially on Sunday's. Bradgate Park is a National Park on the outskirts of Leicester where  you can walk for miles and miles in lovely, peaceful surroundings. You can walk up the big hill (which wears you out may I add) and the view is spectacular. Sitting on top of the peaceful hill looking down on the busyness of the rest of the world really puts in to perspective how people are so busy they don't see what's around them. How people don't really appreciate nature anymore because they have bigger things on their mind. I feel that once in a while taking at least an hour out of my busy day can do myself wonders. Just going for a walk up a hill has really made me think about my life. How I want change. How I want to be happy. How to appreciate more things around me in life. 

Where's your favourite place to unwind or go for a quick break? 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

easy 'minimal' makeup look

In a rush? Going away and need not many makeup products? Or just wanting a natural makeup look?

I have put together a few products that I use on a regular basis and some products that when in a rush I use on different areas of the face. For example: I sometimes use my Makeup Academy highlighter as a eye shadow and the Avon lip crayon as a lipstick and blusher.These products are also lovely to use in the summer months when you don't want to wear many products. I have also used minimal brushes for those of you who don't like/have time using them.(Products listed below.)

What are your favourite products to use on a busy day?

Bourjois healthy mix serum - 52 Vanilla
MAC studio finish concealer NW15
Nivea Pure and Natural powder (to contour) - Caramel 07
MUA undress your skin highlighter/inner corner eyeshadow 
Sleek eyebrow kit - Dark 818
Benefit eyeshadow - Guess Again
Rimmel Glam eyes eyeliner -Black
Rimmel Glam eyes lash flirt mascara - Black 
Avon lip crayon - Risque Rose

Real Techniques - Buffing and contour brush
Royal Langnickel -150 tapered brush and 155 'pro eye fluff'
Royal and Langnickel - 'Pro lash' 158
Kryolan - 3806 small angled brush (for eyebrows)

Friday, 10 April 2015

the comfiest flat boots ever!

It's not the type of weather for sandals or flip flops just yet, and I've been living in my new brown, flat boots from New Look. They are so comfy, you can wear them with anything and everything and I got them for around £22.99! #Bargain!

As I am so tall, I find it hard to find a shoe/boot with a low heel but something that won't wear down quickly. These boots have a reasonable heel so won't wear down quick but not a large heel so I tower over everyone. 

What are your favourite everyday shoes?


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

cleaner makeup brushes in minutes!

Are your makeup brushes covered in makeup and need cleaning but can't be bothered to clean them? I have a really quick step to clean your makeup and it makes them look brand new. Isopropyl alcohol is a brilliant product to have as it dissolves many different products, so is great for makeup brushes! When I was at college studying makeup artistry, I got told to have a spray bottle with the alcohol in it so when cleaning my brushes quickly after a makeup job, I could spray it onto the brush, swirl over an old towel or tissue and leave to dry and they would be clean in seconds! For someone as lazy as I am, I find this product works wonders on my brushes and it hardly takes me anytime to clean them. The alcohol doesn't shed my brushes or come away from the barrel. The only negative of this product is that it has a very strong smell. I bought a very big size of the alcohol for around £15 off Amazon and it has lasted me nearly a year now already and I've hardly used much of it.

What do you use to clean your brushes?

YUCK! But at least they are clean!


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fun, quick + easy Easter ideas


At the minute I am OBSESSED with Pinterest, I'm on it for hours looking at anything from baking a cake to how to organise your desk. Recently, after speaking to my friend who loves arts and crafts, we both went on Pinterest together to look for some fun craft ideas for Easter. I love making things but never can be bothered to make anything. I'm one of those people who is very lazy and very impatient so I needed to find something that wouldn't take much effort but was still fun. There were so many different, creative ideas, but i've kept these simple and I did really enjoy myself. I also got my grandparents involved and they seemed to love it to!

I'm sure everyone knows how to make these. Super easy and delicious!
I broke up an Easter egg and put in some chocolate buttons and then melted it in the microwave for about two and a half minutes, keep stirring in between. I then stirred in with the Rice Crispy's and then spooned the mixture into cake cases. I put the plate in the fridge for about an hour, and they are ready to eat! 


Friday, 3 April 2015

how to: make Easter bunny ear headbands

This idea is great for kids or if you are as wacky as me and my Grandad, for adults too! This idea is so quick and easy and great for Easter Sunday!

Cellotape, Paper, Pencil, Colouring pen/pencil.

First, fold an A4 piece of paper in half, and because I wanted the band to be a little thinner, I folded it in half again to make two bands. I then cut the lines that were made and stuck the two pieces together to make the crown/band to go round the head. 

On another piece of paper, I drew (badly) two ear shapes and then with a pink pen/pencil (I used a nearly run out highlighter) coloured in the centre. I then cut the shapes out and stuck them to the band. You can have the ears at the front or back. And there you have it, simple Easter ears to wear on Sunday! 

^Easter cakes post on Sunday!^

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